About ACKlimate Nantucket

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Climate change demands action on all fronts. It is up to us as a community to respond efficiently, effectively, and in unison to appropriately address the challenges ahead. With the help of the ACKlimate Partners and the Nantucket community, we are all moving closer to a resilient and sustainable future. 


ACKlimate Nantucket first met in September 2019 in Sherburne Hall on Centre Street, thanks to our generous Convening Partner, the Osceola Foundation! Around the table the Partners discussed the mission and goals as well as envisioning what they wanted ACKlimate to become. It was from these ongoing collaborative discussions that ACKlimate grew and developed into what it is today. 


ACKlimate Nantucket operates as a public-private partnership on the Island of Nantucket. The goals of ACKlimate set by our Partners are to:

  • Collaborate and support the resilience and sustainability efforts of the Partners
  • Communicate with off-Island communities
  • Engage in and with Nantucket’s communities
  • Encourage the innovative and collaborative spirit of Nantucket
  • Provide a platform for open communication. 

Every event, discussion, blog post and action taken will endeavor to uphold these goals and remain true to the strong foundations and leadership found in our Partners and community.


ACKlimate consists of Partners which form a committee for collaboration. With the Five Year Strategic Plan, ACKlimate created Spoke Groups, which are subcommittees that have a specific focus. Currently our Spoke Groups are: Admirals and Ambassadors Program, Climate Crew Youth Program, and Climate Change Awareness Month 2021. Representatives can join a current Spoke Group that fits their interest, or they can also request a Spoke Group be created! Opportunity is the focus of the Spoke Groups, whether it is for leadership to involvement, the possibilities are endless! 

The ACKlimate Nantucket Partners

If you or your organization, business, or institution would like to become involved in ACKlimate, please click the  link below to see our Partnering Process and connect with us today!

Prospective Partner Commitment


To inspire the holistic and innovative adaptation of historic Nantucket for future generations.


A public-private partnership supporting innovative and holistic approaches and communication addressing climate change and sea level rise for the Nantucket community and beyond.