A Year of Action, A Moment of Reflection

To the Nantucket Community,

Today we celebrate a year of action and a year of success. The idea of ACKlimate sprang forth from student proposals and developed further during the Nantucket Preservation Trust’s symposium Keeping History Above Water. It is only fitting that born from a collaborative event, ACKlimate would turn a year old at the close of Rescuing History: Nantucket in Response to Rising Seas conference.

I have spent much time in these passing days reflecting on all ACKlimate has done in aid of awareness and action. I cannot help but marvel at what has been accomplished and what work we must continue. ACKlimate and its Partners are fortunate to have such engaged communities that provide input and support to initiatives. ACKlimate would not be here if it were not for your effort and the ability to see the potential of what can be done.

Today, Climate Change Awareness Month made the newspaper (a clipping is now hanging in my office as a reminder of what collaboration can accomplish.) ACKlimate and the Artists Association of Nantucket have a mural on New Whale Street. ACKlimate launched a blog, website, and social media, all within a couple of months. It had speakers as a part of the Maria Mitchell Association Science Speaker Series and the Nantucket Preservation Trust conference and assisted in the research for the Preservation Institute Nantucket. We celebrated the launch of ReMain Nantucket’s Envision Resilience: Nantucket Challenge. As we close out our first year, we have so many events carrying the name of Climate Change Awareness Month and thus ACKlimate and its Partners.

It does not escape me that while COVD-19 seems to have hit the pause button on progress for many, Nantucket did what it must. We learned, and we adapted. Events moved online, public health was mandated, and the world continued to revolve around the sun. Such are the pragmatic lessons we must bring with us when looking at the challenges of climate change. I am optimistic that together we can create the changes, shift mindsets, and impress upon the rest of the world the importance of action. Acclimate, the initiative’s pronunciation and inspiration means to become accustomed to a new climate or new conditions. Still, Nantucket will not just become accustomed passively, such as the definition interpretation may suggest. Instead, Nantucket will be actively engaged in guided adaptation and will not go silently into that good night.

The road ahead will be difficult, and the future is full of uncertainties. But if I have learned nothing else in this past year, I at least have learned this—Nantucket is stronger when it comes together. As we think about the coming years, we can take comfort in this thought.

With Eyes on the Horizon,

Kimberly Rose

Coordinator of ACKlimate Nantucket